Docs In The City November: La Voce del Corpo

Nov 2018

La Voce del Corpo

La voce del corpo is a joyful, instructive perspective on that peculiar non-verbal code of communication that makes Sicilians (and Italians) famous throughout the world. Three cheerful storytellers (Evelyn Famà, Rosario Petìx and Vincenzo Volo) will guide the viewer through this entertaining journey, assisted by a host of prestigious personalities from the Sicilian show-biz (Pippo Baudo, Emma Dante, Mimmo Cuticchio, and many others).

La voce del corpo aims to create a deeper understanding of this surprising form of communication.

The narrative of the film originates from an old legend found amongst the notes of renowned Italian folklorist Giuseppe Pitrè, and it focuses in particular on the non-verbal communication strategies enacted by the Sicilians(Italians), veritable masters of the art of ‘speaking with the body’.

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